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Diane L. Karpman, Attorney At Law

Karpman & Associates is one of the premiere legal ethics firms in California, exclusively serving the legal profession. The firm provides ethics counsel to many law firms, in-house legal departments, and numerous governmental agencies.

Karpman & Associates serves as consultant, advisor or expert witness in legal malpractice actions, breach of fiduciary duties, insurance defense bad faith claims, and employment related controversies. As a litigation resource, Karpman & Associates advises trial lawyers and frequently supplies affidavits in conjunction with attorney disqualification motions, summary adjudication matters, and fee requests.  The firm also represents attorneys and attorney applicants before the State Bar of California in connection with letters of investigation, interim suspensions, criminal conviction referrals, reinstatements, moral character, probation revocations, and disciplinary proceedings.

Karpman & Associates advises many national law firms on advertising issues, entity status, and issues regarding multijurisdictional practice. Ms. Karpman is admitted to all the Courts in the State of California, all the California Federal District Courts, the 9th Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

Diane Karpman is the appointed legal ethics consultant in a Los Angeles Superior Court class action, and specializes in advising lawyers on the unique duties involved in representative litigation.

The firm’s mission is to facilitate lawyers in achieving success within the boundaries of their ethical obligations.


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